Eye Care Professionals 

Eye care professionals nationwide continue to recognize the quality, convenience, and utility of spare-specs and recommend spare-specs to their monovision patients. Patient brochures and prescription referral cards are available displaying our products and available prescriptions.

To the hundreds of eye care professionals nationwide who have recognized the quality, convenience, and utility of spare-specs and who have recommended spare-specs to their monovision patients over the years, we thank you.

Our products reflect quality and convenience and include spare-specs in distance and reading monovision prescriptions - spare-specs clear and sun, spare-specs readers, spare-specs sun readers and spare-specs refocus. We also offer an Elite line of fashionable and stylish frames in all of our prescriptions, as well as a selection of spare-specs magnifiers - simple magnifiers for identical binocular reading vision.

spare-specs refocus™, is available for cataract patients to help minimize night time glare and halo in multifocal IOL patients. Please see our Refocus™ information page for further information.

spare-specs can also be a convenient, affordable and rapidly delivered solution to fine-tune vision prior to LASIK enhancement. We can also customize spare-specs in 0.25D spherical increments and incude cylindrical correction in your patients' prescription with a rapid turnaround time and minimal additional cost. Contact one of our Patient Representatives for further details or fax your custom order.

spare-specs can also provide high quality, inexpensive spherical glasses to preoperative LASIK patients who do not currently own glasses but must discontinue the use of contact lenses prior to evaluation and/or surgery. Spherical correction is available up to -6.00D on a quick ship basis. Please contact us for your patients' needs.

We are proud and honored to provide your patients with spare-specs and will strive to maintain the quality, convenience, affordability, and excellent customer service that you have come to expect from our company.

To request spare-specs patient brochures, Rx cards, Refocus brochures, or if you are new to spare-specs and would like to receive a sample of our product or information on establishing an account, please contact usThank you for recommending spare-specs to your monovision patients.