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Specifically Manufactured for Monovision Patients

Monovision preserves reading vision in patients over 40 by making one eye nearsighted while the other eye is corrected for distance. As a result, monovision patients may notice distance blur or light scattering from the reading eye under conditions requiring the best distance vision, such as driving at night or driving in the rain. In addition, because sharp depth perception requires that both eyes be corrected equally, monovision patients may notice a lack of depth perception when enjoying activities such as tennis or golf.

spare-specs are available in clear distance prescriptions and in sunglass distance prescriptions.

spare-specs clear and spare-specs sun make the reading eye clearer at distance, improving distance vision for driving at night or in the rain and improving depth perception for sports activities in daylight.

spare-specs can also be a convenient, affordable and rapidly delivered solution for pre-surgery glasses as needed, or to fine-tune vision prior to LASIK enhancement. 

Monovision patients, despite having good reading vision for most tasks without needing reading glasses, may want even sharper reading vision for certain very fine visual tasks such as prolonged reading, medicine bottle labels, stock quotes or for needlepoint and sewing.

Although standard drug store reading glasses may help, monovision patients frequently feel imbalanced using them. The reason for the imbalance is drug store readers have the same amount of reading correction for each eye, whereas monovision patients need reading correction for the distance eye only.

spare-specs readers are manufactured specifically for monovision patients and provide reading correction for the distance eye only, creating a better balance at near.

spare-specs magnifiers are also available in binocular reading prescriptions, providing identical reading correction for both eyes.

spare-specs are available in a choice of contemporary frames. We also feature specialty brand frame selections from our retail eyewear partners.

Please consult your eye care professional prior to ordering spare-specs.

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