I Have Monovision but I’m Experiencing Eyestrain and Fatigue on My Desktop Computer

8 jun 2024

By Scott W. Tunis MD FACS • 

If you have monovision with one eye for distance and one for near, then you actually have neither eye correctly focused at arm’s length, or what we typically designate as your “intermediate” range. The intermediate range is the average distance a desktop computer, as well as sheet music or an artist’s easel, would be located from your eyes.

You are somewhat able to see the computer with your monovision, but it is a little too close to see clearly with your distance eye, and a little too far away to see clearly with your reading eye. You may find yourself leaning forward to see it better with your reading eye or leaning backwards to see it with your distance eye. Sound familiar?

For short intervals on the computer, you may not notice this at all, but for prolonged sessions on a desktop computer this imbalance may cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, or even back pain from abnormal posture.


A spare-specs “computer” prescription can focus your distance eye slightly closer and focus your reading eye slightly farther away such that both eyes are in focus at arm’s length on your computer. Your “computer specs” can sit right next to your desktop for those marathon sessions.

Keyboard musicians and canvas artists love this rendition of spare-specs for their intermediate range too!

Not sure what power spare-specs give you that sweet spot on your computer or at intermediate range? Ask your eye care professional or send us your spare-specs Distance prescription and we can determine the correct prescription.

Dr. Scott W. Tunis is the Medical Director of Spare-Specs, LLC and is a Lifetime Board Certified Ophthalmologist with 40 years of experience in eye surgery.