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Founded by an Ophthalmologist, Specifically Manufactured for Monovision Patients

Monovision preserves reading vision in patients over 40 by correcting one eye for nearsightedness and the other for distance. Consequently, those with monovision may experience distance blur or light scattering in the reading eye during activities that demand optimal distance vision, like driving at night or in the rain. Moreover, since sharp depth perception necessitates equal correction in both eyes, individuals with monovision may notice a lack of depth perception during activities that require precise spatial judgment, such as playing tennis or golf.

spare-specs are available in clear and sun distance prescriptions, enhancing the reading eye's clarity at distance. They improve night driving vision, aid visibility in the rain, and enhance depth perception for daytime and sports activities.

Monovision patients, who generally have good reading vision and do not require reading glasses for most tasks, may desire even crisper reading vision for specific tasks that involve fine detail, such as extended periods of reading, deciphering medicine bottle labels, reviewing stock quotes, or for activities like needlepoint and sewing.

While standard drugstore reading glasses might be beneficial, individuals with monovision often experience a sense of imbalance when using them. This is because these readers provide the same correction for both eyes, but monovision patients require correction solely for the eye that is used for distance vision.

spare-specs readers are designed specifically for monovision patients, offering reading correction solely for the distance eye, thus achieving more balanced near vision.

spare-specs readers are also available in binocular reading prescriptions, offering the same reading correction for both eyes.

spare-specs also offers a convenient, cost-effective and swiftly delivered option for pre-surgery glasses when necessary, or for refining vision prior to LASIK enhancement.

spare-specs are available in a variety of contemporary frames, with a wide selection of specialty brand frames from our eyewear partners.

Please consult your eye care specialist prior to ordering spare-specs.

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